Anxious, Stressed, Depressed?

Our Mental Health Confusion

When: Wednesday April 11th, 7.30pm-9.30pm

Where: 199 Malmesbury Park Road,

Bournemouth, BH8 8PX

Topic: Mental Health has become a term widely used to describe a defect in an individual’s ability to deal with everyday thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours.


But what does Mental Health actually mean, and is there a difference between an issue, disability, illness, disorder or a disturbance?


Or has the language we have been using to describe our collective human experiences of stress, anxiety, and depression, prevented us from being able to approach a topic still very much taboo, and stigmatized in today’s society?


Tashi will delve into our mental health confusion with the help of the most current research and statistics to explore why and how we may all be responsible for the way we address, approach and heal not only our own, but more importantly our collective psychological health and well being.

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