CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

Both CBT and Psychotherapy are aimed towards reducing symptoms of distress, however whilst CBT mainly focuses on how a person can alter behaviours to improve well being, Psychotherapy allows for deeper exploration, by uncovering why someone feels and behaves the way they do.


Whilst a Psychiatrist prescribes medication, a psychotherapist does not, and the primary aim is to work on issues by exploration and communication of thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours, rather than managing these natural human experiences with the help of medication. An individual may be prescribed medication by a psychiatrist, but can then also choose to engage in psychotherapy to help them talk about, and come to terms with their conditions and issues.


Counselling focuses on more immediate, present issues which can easily be resolved and this is generally short term treatment. Psychotherapy on the other hand tends to be a longer process, giving a client time to address issues related to their past psychological history, and allowing space for the opportunity to explore more deep seeded issues which continue to impact on general well being.

PSYCHOTHERAPY vs. Other Types of Therapeutic Interventions

'The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free.'

Rollo May

Taking the next step

Once you have made the decision to embark on this journey, you can take the next step by getting in touch with me in order to arrange an initial consultation which will give you the opportunity to discuss what you would like to address and gain from your therapeutic sessions. This initial consultation will also allow you to determine whether you would feel comfortable working with me, and it will give us a chance to explore and devise a treatment package in accordance with your needs.

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