Over the years I have worked in an array of different  organizations and charities, providing invididualised therapy to clients presenting with a range of complex needs.

I work from an existential, psychodynamic perspective, drawing on theoretical research and knowledge. My focus is on how past experiences may affect a client in the here and now, and examine how these ingrained,  unconscious patterns impact on an individuals sense of well being.


Couples therapy is very similar, the primary difference being that there is more focus on how two people interact and experience each other, based on each persons backgrounds, thoughts, beliefs and values.

My therapeutic encounters have given me the opportunity to grow and transform as a practitioner, but only because I have had the privilege to work with clients  who have not only been willing, but who were also courageous enough, to allow me to walk along side them in their journeys of self discovery.

I met Tashi in 2012 full of fear, shame, guilt and self hatred. With Tashi's guidance, help and understanding we worked through my problems. Now my life is so much better. The burden of self lifted, and I have become a willing and able productive member of society.

Daniel Owen



Tashi Maibach

MA Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology

Diploma in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Founder of Let's Talk Therapy

When I first met Tashi in 2016, I was at rock bottom, scared and ashamed. Talking to her began my recovery. Nothing I said to her shocked her or made me feel stupid. Her kindness and professionalism made me open up to her like I'd never been able to before. I truly believe she gave me myself back.

Sally Wright



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